Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hong Kong

Yes, that was me on the flyover to the Mandarin Hotel.   Landed solidly In Hong Kong hosted by oenephile friend Ivy.     We sampled the following wines that evening.

Tignanello 2007
Mormoreto 2007
Il Borro 2007
Oreno 2001
Oreno 2006
Oreno 2009-10 

To top it off this memorable evening, the owner of the Italian vineyard came by to personally invite us to visit with him.     Only in Hong Kong, at Domani, which is owned by St. George's ol' boy, Peter Lam, would this have happened.   Maybe at the Dorchester in London.  
Lunch hosted by good friend atop the Prince's Building in Central at Sevva was another exquisite experience.  

Another special meal at a hide-a-way in Shui On Centre in Wanchai on Harbour Road.    I publicly humuliated self by not knowing how to open the door upon arrival, with a lineup of patrons behind me at Suzuike, but it was worth it.   Here's a sample menu.   

A day trip to Macau to lunch at the Clube Militar de Macau.    

Hong Kong is not lacking in talent and stands out as a culinary capital for foodies of the world.      One just has to have curiousity, this city is a hub of inquisitive minds who have the resources to do things well.    

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