Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of A Decade

Lessons Learned
2009 was significant because after visit to
Barbados I was introduced to the principals and works of the Global
Heritage Fund
. Tina, you will love this & sorry, I haven't had
chance to catch-up yet but as you can tell, I'm running a little behind.
I am so excited at having encountered this charity.
Now I am thinking about philanthropy on a completely different level - globally. What a fabulous way to start the decade!

Their tagline is Preserving Heritage Globally. i like that.
Changing lives locally. Who can argue with that?

They're re-built walled cities. Contributed Archaeological conservation expertise as well as keeping the next generation off the streets by investing and donating computers and contributing
to U.N. certified Heritage sites. On 4 continents they're working on 13 project currently and completed 6.

The foundation was founded in 2002 and they have accomplished so much results with the influence, money and relationships they have harnessed. My introduction and host at recent gathering in
Sausalito, California was through fellow Barbados guest, The Lynfords. Tondra has become a good friend. I am blessed, i know, to have wise counsel in my somewhat unorthodox life.

Here is recent article from November 2009 Viewpoints Magazine (p. 18 & 19) chaired by another new friend, Dr. Frieda Granot of the Sauder School of Business. She is the first to publish the story of the
fourth-generation Lalji Family written by a former Crofton House School Head Girl, Faaiza Lalji. Her father Amin is one of my mentors in business and his brother Shiraz Lalji in London has been a generous host. This family contributes significantly to society, around the world and has a social conscience.

I love success stories like these.

That's it for 2009. The year has been an incredible education in Life. Here's to another successful decade. I keep learning. Thank you to my teachers and guides. - 太太

PS - By the way, anyone looking to let beautiful home in the French Quarters of Shanghai?

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My Storybook Life

Barbados was divine. 太太 was generously entertained at uber exclusive private villa that Mariah Carey stayed in the week before. Simon Cowell leased the same place for $1 million over Christmas. 20 full-time staff keep the place going.  Gobsmacked!

Swam with giant turtles and had the whole Carribean Sea to
Some pictures arrived from talented photographer-guest from New York.

Introduced to an intimate group of international decision makers on this trip including the Vice-Chair of the Global Heritage Foundation. Hoping Ivy will share with me details of the wine certification i can study up and be part of the conversation next trip. Some of these residents have amassed a handsome collection of impressive wines and libations in this neck of the woods.

Here are some of the impressive wines that Aj shared with us. The 1978 Petrus was ok. The magnum of 1985 Petrus was much better. Doesn't he look happy & super fit? Twice he had us over to his palatial villa.

Jean-Georges, the creator of Market at Shangri-La arrived with his wife and daughter. US ambassador who has recently joined the Temasek - GIC board and B.S. Ong and his stylish entrepreneur wife Christina also joined the crowd.

This is a storybook life. 
so privileged to be a guest. This is a glimpse into the world of comfort and ease. But then these people work at a fast and hard pace so they also play hard too.

What a great place to practise yoga! Total serenity.

Tina, i'm almost ready for that walk with you. Have a few loose ends to take care so we can connect before summer ends and 太太 returns to San Francisco for more yoga training and connecting with new friends. More again soon.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Ex-In-Law's

A portrait of my Ex-in-laws who happened to share a joke with famous portrait photographer Jim Allen and Al's fraternity at Trinity College.

Great that we still close after 20 years of not being related anymore.

The two 太太's practised Jivamukti yoga with Keith and Dana at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco. 

太太 also practises with Clara in Vancouver but its a special style that might not be for all. But one who has dance training will especially enjoy her but don't tell everyone. Her classes are already too full! New favourite is Jai who is also a new transplant from New York.  Jivamukti yoga is the style that Sting and Madonna practise.  We are so blessed.   The city has become a westcoast lifestyle retreat. - 太太