Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Ex-In-Law's

A portrait of my Ex-in-laws who happened to share a joke with famous portrait photographer Jim Allen and Al's fraternity at Trinity College.

Great that we still close after 20 years of not being related anymore.

The two 太太's practised Jivamukti yoga with Keith and Dana at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco. 

太太 also practises with Clara in Vancouver but its a special style that might not be for all. But one who has dance training will especially enjoy her but don't tell everyone. Her classes are already too full! New favourite is Jai who is also a new transplant from New York.  Jivamukti yoga is the style that Sting and Madonna practise.  We are so blessed.   The city has become a westcoast lifestyle retreat. - 太太