Saturday, June 09, 2012

Chapter Lost

A Sonoma County jury convicted Phang in 1988 of first degree murder in the premeditated, execution style slaying of his brother-in-law, Johnny Fong.   On May 21, 1987, Mr. Fong was found lying face down next to his vehicle in Petaluma. 

Mr. Fong had traveled from Hillsborough to Petaluma to attend a pre-arranged meeting with a friend.   He was shot twice to the head.   His Rolex watch and wallet were missing. 

Mr. Phang was stopped one week later at the Canadian border with his brother and a friend and his vehicle was searched.   The gun used in Mr. Fong’s murder was found in the car as well as Mr. Fong’s Rolex watch.   The gun was stolen in March of 1987 in a burglary of Mr. Phang’s former employer in Missouri while Phang lived in Missouri.   Two hours after the burglary Phang attempted to cash checks stolen in that burglary.

Mr. Phang remains in jail and has been denied parole several times as he shows no remorse.